FFT/Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Comprehensive data collection combined with a detailed analysis and report.

Our vibration analysis service is beneficial for:

  • Start up and commissioning baseline and alignment verification
  • Post overhaul baseline
  • Trouble shooting vibration to avoid potential failures
  • Trending
  • Piping
  • Foundations and skid movement
  • Cylinder movement or stretch

We are specialists not only in high speed reciprocating compressors but we can also analyze centrifugal compressors, pumps, fans, generators, engines and electric motors.

Compressor and Engine Performance Analysis

Utilizing the only analyzer that incorporates Vibration, Ultrasonic, Pressure Transducers and Infrared data collectors phased with crank angle allows us to report on the internal condition of engine and compressor with no loss in run time.


  • Mechanical Looseness Piston and Nut Cross Head Pin and Bushing
  • Leaking Valves and Rings
  • Cylinder and Piping Pulsations
  • Passage Flow Restrictions
  • Defective Unloaders
  • Excessive Rod Loading
  • Inadequate Rod Reversal
  • Defective Rider Bands and Liner Wear
  • Excessive Valve Losses and Deficiencies
  • Clearance Discrepancies
  • Horsepower and Capacity Variances


  • Leaking Valves and Rings
  • Worn or Scored Liners
  • Intake/Exhaust Valve or Bridge Wear
  • Worn or Defective Valve Train Components
  • Damaged Connecting Rod and Wrist Pins
  • Damaged Bearings
  • Turbocharger Defects
  • Jacket Water and Lube Oil Pump Faults
  • Foundation or Grout Damage
  • Horsepower Discrepancies
  • Poor Fuel Consumption Factors
  • Excessive Exhaust Emission Factor