About Us

Improve performance. Prevent equipment failures. Plan targeted maintenance. Reduce downtime. Reduce operating costs.

  • Viper Monitoring & Analysis engineers, partners and analysts  have over 150 years combined experience in rotating equipment installation, commissioning, analysis, repair and maintenance. Everyone at Viper, including management and analysts, has a minimum of 10 years engine and compression experience.
  • Specialists in reciprocating engine and compressor vibration and performance analysis.
  • A proud history of performance optimization, troubleshooting, minimizing maintenance costs and avoiding costly down time.
  • Unaffiliated with any service or product providers. At Viper we feel that providing our customer unbiased equipment condition reports is of utmost priority.  We work with the service providers you choose, to achieve your maintenance and reliability goals.
  • Our equipment, the Windrock 6320PA performance analyzer is the number one  portable reciprocating machinery analysis tool in the world.  All our analyzers are updated with the most current software, and are calibrated annually per manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Our services include condition monitoring, predictive maintenance programs, trouble-shooting and rotating equipment engineering.

What you get

  • Safely maximize throughput of your compressor
  • Early warning of potential problems and cause of problem
  • Maintenance decision making tool, based on economic impact to your operation
  • Non-intrusive diagnosis of machinery condition while unit is running
  • Analysis tool for power cylinders and compressor cylinders
  • Balanced horsepower across cylinders
  • Reduced cost of runtime
  • Catastrophic failure protection
  • Alarm notification

Condition Monitoring

Utilizing our data collection techniques with an oil analysis program, our skilled analysts will baseline the unit; then trend key areas and organise data in a friendly, easy to understand format. 

This enables immediate detection of efficiency loss or mechanical failure avoidance.

Our monthly program consists of:

  • Temperature Survey.
  • Documenting current running conditions
  • Vibration survey
  • Ultrasonic survey
  • Visual survey inside unit
  • Oil sample acquisition and results review.
  • Reporting, Monthly

When a change in your equipment is verified through data analysis we will advise you. Then a detailed data collection and analysis should be performed to  pin point the component causing the change.

Our certified personnel can also provide:

  • Orifice plate study and sizing recommendations
  • Thermal Imaging for gas and oil installations
  • Fugitive Emission Analysis